Consent Workshops for

Various Ages

In this interactive and engaging workshop the various principles of consent are explored in detail within a sex-positive and trauma-informed framework.  Various topics including non-verbal communication, the specifics of giving and withdrawing consent, mutual enjoyment, de-bunking rape myths and the definitions of sexual assault are covered.  Sexual activities are referred to explicitly at an age-appropriate level. 

The workshop focuses on the importance of checking in verbally and non-verbally with their sexual partners throughout each sexual encounter. Students are invited to engage in a creative activity that highlights what they have learned.  Their participation in this activity as well as through anonymous questioning allows students to integrate the material and relate it back to themselves and their relationships in a safe way.

The goal of this workshop is to educate students on what consent is and how to make sure their sexual relationships are mutually respectful, enjoyable and safe.                                                                                                                                                           

** Due to the high prevalence of sexual assault in youth (stats show 1/4 girls aged 16 and younger and 1/6 boys age 16 and younger) it is a requirement that there is one or more support adults available if a student needs to take a break from the class. 

**The presentation requires a projector to be provided onsite.  

** Workshops available in the Kootenay Region of British Columbia.

** Longer 2-part series are available.  Please inquire.