Teacher Trainings 

While consent is mandated curriculum in schools across British Columbia, we understand that teachers often don't know where to start on this sometimes daunting subject.   With this training you will be able to access a prepared interactive and engaging consent education program that will cover all the bases for your students in about an hour and a half class time

Feel confident to share this socially complex information in a way that will inform and inspire. Teachers will receive a certificate that enables them to share this sex-positive and trauma-informed workshop with their students.

After this 2.5 hour training educators will be able to:

      -Teach the 5 principles of consent clearly and confidently

      -Approach a potentially triggering subject in a trauma-informed manner

      -Be able to deconstruct current cultural messaging and guide youth towards a healthier future

      -Learn what to do if they receive a disclosure from a youth

      -Have lifetime access to a full power point presentation for their teaching materials

      -Be able to guide their students through a fun and integrative activity 

      -Feel confident responding to students questions

      -Receive certification to educate youth on consent

Available for hire for your next Professional Development Day.