Who we are


is a Counsellor with specializations in trauma and art therapy - she is a certified Clinical Trauma Professional, has a degree in Psychology from McMaster University as well as a graduate degree in Art Therapy.  She works with individuals who have experienced trauma and abuse of all kinds using an intersectional feminist approach. 


Consent has been a passion of hers as she sees the effects of sexual violence at both the individual level and within the culture as a whole.  She has created the sexual consent campaign posters that are being distributed to thousands of locations in BC and has been giving workshops on sexual consent since 2016.  She is a long-standing member of the Ending Violence Association of BC and the local VAWIR Committee.  



is a Child and Youth Counsellor and Art Therapist who works for Salmo Community Services.  He facilitates nature-based rites of passage programs and is passionate about working with youth.  He uses a combination of myth, art, storytelling and group process facilitation in service of adolescents and the present day pressure's they are facing.


Brittan McClay is an Art Therapist in Nelson BC. She is passionate about creative expression and authentic communication. Brittan works from a client focused feminist approach, and believes strongly in the importance of creating a safe and nurturing space for the clients she is honored to work with. Brittan received a certificate in Art Therapy, from the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute in 2011, and a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Regina in 2006.

Brittan began co-facilitating consent workshops for youth a few years ago and it has sparked a new passion of offering a curious and judgment free zone for youth to receive up to date and compassionate education around healthy relationships, consent, and sexuality.